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Largest fines imposed on organizations for data privacy violations

The swelling mode of data privacy violations continues to climb uphill, and as a result, there has never been a more unsafe time in history to share personal data with businesses and corporations, as necessary as that may be. Substantial fines evaluated for data breaches in the recent times point towards the increasing concern of […]

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GDPR: Impact since 2018

Understanding GDPR- why was it enacted?The GDPR is considered to be a comprehensive set of rules and compliance requirements for use of information that belongs to citizens of European Union (EU). It was enacted after the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook. The provisions of the regulation are broadly framed to include processing of Personally Identifiable […]

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Interview of the week: Vipin Gupta

Customer experience is a chain of connected value propositions and cannot be compartmentalize. In short, I believe, Data Privacy is inseparable part of a Built-In Quality practice of agile mindset. It cannot be a post thought without implications. Vipin Gupta, Enterprise Agile Coach Enterprise Agile coach, Vipin Gupta has more than 18 years of experience […]

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