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Interview of the week: Vipin Gupta

Customer experience is a chain of connected value propositions and cannot be compartmentalize. In short, I believe, Data Privacy is inseparable part of a Built-In Quality practice of agile mindset. It cannot be a post thought without implications. Vipin Gupta, Enterprise Agile Coach Enterprise Agile coach, Vipin Gupta has more than 18 years of experience […]

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Interview of the week: Davide Maria Parrilli

The main challenge is creating a business culture that sincerely value the privacy of clients and stakeholders. -Davide Maria Parrilli, Founder-Parrilli Legal Design Studio Founder of Portugal based international law firm Parrilli Legal Design Studio, Davide Maria Parrilli and his law firm are prepared to help enterprises with the legal challenges from Industry 4.0. In […]

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Interview of the week: Francesco Tedioli

“The right to privacy will be increasingly important in the near globalized future” – Francesco Tedioli, lawyer practising civil litigation and Professor of Commercial law at the University of Mantova, Italy Ayottaz : You have tremendous expertise in a variety of legal fields including business law, corporate law, divorce and family law. Would you kindly […]

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