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A billion people and a Privacy law that is not about Privacy

In the year 2017 Despite the resistance from the Government, Honorable Supreme Court of India held the Right to Privacy as a Fundamental right in India. Fast forward to 2019, when a bill called the Personal Data Protection Bill,2019 was introduced in the Lok Sabha of Parliament of India. There was a new energy and […]

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Challenges facing India in implementing Data Privacy regulations

India, with its population of over 1.3 Billion, is a rising digital market. Companies have been investing in India to tap the potential of a broad consumer base. A wide consumer base means more expansive access to data and consumer information. The consumer information includes personal and non-personal data. Personal data is involved, and data […]

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India’s Overdue Appointment with Data Privacy

By Mitisha Gaur While it is clear that India’s overdue appointment with Data Privacy has a few more hours until it begins, nothing stops its citizens and its corporations to undertake self-governance pertaining to the practices involving the safeguarding of the Right to Privacy… The past couple of years have been very exciting for data […]

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This Month in Data Privacy (November 2020)

Top news in the world of data privacy, this month, that you do not want to miss. November 30 Amazon Sidewalk feature raising privacy concernsAmazon Sidewalk, a feature launching in the U.S. that connects Echo and Ring doorbells to any nearby Alexa device, is raising privacy concerns, Business Insider reports. Customers must opt out of […]

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Airtel’s Privacy Policy makes Indians realize how unsafe their personal information is

Over the weekend Airtel’s privacy policy has come into question for its intrusive nature. The policy states that Airtel can collect users’ sensitive personal information, such as sexual orientation, genetic information, and political opinion, and share all of this with third parties. You can see the questionable portions of Airtel’s privacy policy below. Airtel, on […]

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This Month in Data Privacy (October 2020)

Top news in the world of data privacy this month that you don’t want to miss. October 31: TechCrunchThe U.K.’s ICO has reduced the size of a data breach penalty for hotel business Marriott — dropping it to £14.4 million (~$23.8 million) in a final penalty notice. As a result, the fine has come down […]

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