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A simple test to assess if you are Privacy compliance Ready!

Privacy laws are not your everyday compliances  While regulatory compliance always has the pain and complexities that businesses face, the case is different in the case of privacy laws  They are aggressive, they are evolving very fast  At any given time, as an average business, you are looking to comply with multiple sets of regulations which […]

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Importance of information Privacy Compliance in Singapore

Introduction The Singapore PDPA has come to effect on July 2, 2014. It collects, uses, and discloses personal data from Singapore. It applies to each organization that is located in any place in the world that handles personal data from users located inside the territory of Singapore. It empowers users in Singapore with the right to give and revoke consent to the processing of their data. The right to access personal data which is collected and to correct inaccurate personal data. It also defines consent […]

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Privacy Laws in South Asia

The southern region of Asia includes India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. The association between these nations is the South Asian Area of Regional Co-operation (SAARC). The growth of data protection laws in these countries has been significant since 2013. Even though the laws in these countries are based on […]

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Privacy compliance on Indian government portals

Introduction  The right to privacy and government surveillance for security are contradictory. The seed of right to privacy as a constitutional right vis a vis surveillance by the government was planted by the minority judgement given by Justice Subba Rao in the Kharak Singh case, wherein it was stated that privacy was within the purview of Article 21 […]

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PROOF POINTS: What happens when private student information leaks

Congressional watchdog report counts breaches of Social Security numbers and health records at schools How vulnerable is student data at U.S. public schools? That’s a critical question now that many, if not most, of the nation’s 51 million students are learning online at least some of the time. Congressional watchdogs recently attempted to get a handle on […]

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